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For the transportation of components, it is extremely important to find a fast and flexible transport solution. We are specialized in the transportation of components worldwide. Our experienced staff is available 24/7, which means we can transport your (urgent) shipment at any time of the day to any location required. Track your products online easily via our Order Monitoring System (OMS). In this way, you will have all the information about your current shipments and their status at your fingertips

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Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry is a challenging sector. The trade prices fluctuate wildly, demand for energy keeps rising and companies in this sector attempt to utilise their installations optimally. The shipments and projects are often complex in nature and demand specific expertise. We offer comprehensive solutions and arrange your logistic process very carefully. Because of our expertise in this sector and our reliable agent network we can offer a custom-made solution for every logistic problem.

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Pharma and Healthcare shipments are time-sensitive and require accurate processing. This does not leave room for mistakes. The legal and regulatory requirements regarding pharmaceutical goods vary per country and are subject to alterations. Our expert staff is equipped with the knowledge and keeps track of any changes that occur. As reliable partners in the Pharma & Healthcare industry, we offer you the highest quality and assist you as efficiently as possible through the logistics process. Our specialists provide you with advice and ensure that your shipments are transported in the best condition.

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Emergency & Relief

Humanitarian crises, global emergency situations and long-term international projects require various customised transport solutions. We understand that the timely access to emergency supplies is of vital importance, which means that in our organization we put high demands on the handling of such shipments. We also offer storage for various medical supplies in order to be able to transport them the minute they are required. In addition, we can assist you in preparing the shipments for transportation, for instance by packing with dry ice.

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The world of fashion changes rapidly. Lead times, flexibility and reliability are therefore crucial. The importance of delivering the collections in a timely manner is now more important than ever, as the end user is getting more demanding in this respect. We can take care of your logistics process and ensure that your collections are delivered from the factory right to your door.

Fashion transport

For various customers in the fashion sector, we arrange regular deliveries from regions including the Far East. This means we are familiar with the wishes, needs and expectations of the fashion industry. We help you to set up an efficient process, to save costs by choosing the correct transportation method, and to optimise your customs dealings.

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The industrial sector requires very specific expertise as well as global coverage. The demand for personalised industrial products and a fast response from the market requires a reliable logistics partner. We assist you in meeting the specific demands of your customers, which will contribute to your eventual competitive advantage. Our proactive and flexible attitude means we respond quickly, which means your customers can be informed promptly. Time-sensitive components can also be handled by us. You are able to track all your products online by means of our Order Monitoring System (OMS) which means you are at all times aware of your current shipments and their status.

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Transporting components for aviation and aerospace must comply with numerous requirements set by the airline companies. In addition, it is important to choose a logistics service provider who is available 24/7 for all your AOG-operations. We offer solutions made to measure for all logistic challenges, taking into account quality, speed, flexibility and accessibility. The solutions we offer are out-of-the box solutions and will not choose the most obvious solution instantly. We make every effort to find you a high-quality but also cost-effective solution.

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Intense competition and pressure on margins are just some examples of challenges that companies in this sector face these days. Setting up an efficient process with a reliable partner is essential. Based on your needs, we help you choose the best transportation method. We create competitive advantages for your business, by taking over your logistic process and reducing your costs.

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