The market share of Rotterdam port is increasing - Best Global Logistics

In the first half of 2018, the port of Rotterdam realized a throughput of 232.8 million tonnes. The growth in container transhipment continued to be almost 6 percent compared to the first half of 2017.

Market share of Rotterdam port is increasing
The market share of the port of Rotterdam also increased in comparison with other ports in the Hamburg-Le-Havre range.

Although the global economy benefits from the measures that promote free trade, import tariffs and trade quotas are an obstacle to world trade.
In addition, the relations between large trading blocks are tense and it is uncertain whether the negotiations lead to a new trade agreement after brexit.

A prospect of further growth is therefore uncertain, but certainly not impossible.

For the time being, the volume movements in the port of Rotterdam do not seem to be the result of the recent trade-restricting measures since the effect can only be measured after some time. The Port of Rotterdam Authority will continue to follow developments closely, we will keep you informed!

Source: Port of Rotterdam Authority

Tim Easley