Toename van het Nederlands goederenvervoer Best Global Logistics

Last year Dutch freight transport increased by 1.4 percent. This means 1.7 billion tons of transported goods in the Netherlands. This amounts to the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). The increase was observed in the whole branche except in rail transport.

Air and road transport

The Annual Monitor for Freight Transport shows that the increase from and to the Netherlands can mainly be explained by air- and road transport.

Total domestic transport increased by almost 1 percent. This growth is entirely due to road transport.

Rail freight transport

The decline in rail freight transport is mainly due to a reduction in coal transport to Germany, which declined by no less than 25 percent compared to 2016!

International trade is increasing

Both transport to our country and transport from our country increased by almost 5 percent. And domestic transport rose by 1.3 percent in 2017. This is partly due to an increase in international trade.

Source: CBS
Photo: chuttersnap