Stijging goederentransport per trein | Best Global Logistics

More than 93 percent used a foreign loading and unloading area. This means that freight transport has increased at an international level. Between 2007 and 2017, total freight transport by rail increased by an increase of 1.2%.The increase is caused by the increase in both the supply and the transit of goods with a foreign origin.

The share of transit doubled from 4 percent in 2007 to 8 percent in 2017. The share of supply increased from 22 to 25 percent in the same period. The total quantity of goods transported from the Netherlands abroad has hardly changed, from 24.7 million tonnes of goods in 2007 to 24.9 million tonnes in 2017.

Germany is the largest partner in terms of the supply and removal of goods by rail. Nearly 75 percent of the goods go to Germany and nearly 50 percent of the goods are loaded at this location. At a distance, Italy, Belgium, Austria and Poland follow.

Poland will play an increasingly important role in the future for the supply of goods by rail. In 2007, their share of loaded goods rose by only 1% while in 2017 no less than 7%!