Schiphol Airport plans to reduce Schiphol emissions

Plan to reduce Schiphol emissions to 35%
The aviation sector is responsible for approximately 2.5% of global CO₂ emissions. This is mainly due to the air traffic and not so much to the activities on the ground.

‘Of course, air traffic is the biggest polluter,’ says a spokesman. “But that does not mean that we have to leave everything else that we can make sustainable.”

Through a green obligation, Schiphol Group raised 500 million euro to make the airport more sustainable. The main goals? Installing the infrastructure for electric buses and installing solar panels on the roof of a new pier.

Climate neutral
Until 2030, the airport wants to make the offices, the terminals and all activities on the ground climate-neutral. To achieve this, an amount of 1.2 billion euro is needed by 2023.

Plan for the future
This month, together with the TUDelft and a large number of airlines, Schiphol has presented a plan for emissions to reduce CO₂ by 35% to 2035. In order to realize this plan, the parties want to use sustainable fuel and they want to optimize the air routes.