By means of our modern offices and warehouses in Lijnden and Rotterdam, we have created an environment that satisfies the most stringent requirements. The warehouses are used both as free zones as well as customs areas.

In addition, both warehouses are equipped with the most modern technology. Safety is also a priority, and this is secured by means of camera surveillance, alarms and 24-hour security.

Custom storage:

We understand that your choice of storage may depend on various factors, such as flexible storage solutions and temporary overflows. Depending on your wishes, we can offer a custom-made solution.

Storage Customs Warehouse

In the event that you do not want to import certain goods immediately, because they will eventually be forwarded to a destination abroad, we can store these in our customs warehouse. This means you do not have to pay import duties and VAT, since this is only required at the moment that the goods are definitely imported.


Do you have an online shop? For this, we also offer a comprehensive solution. We receive your goods from all over the world. Because of our close collaboration with various transporters we can send your packages at any time you require. Our warehouse management system enables us to keep a check on your stock. We can also assist you with all packaging requirements.

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