Value-added services

For your convenience, we also offer various value-added services. In collaboration with reliable partners, we are able to take care of the following processes:


  • Order Monitoring System

    You are able to track your shipments at any time via our online Order Monitoring System (OMS). In your summary, you will get specific information about your current shipments, such as when these have been collected, customs cleared and delivered. The necessary documentation of current shipment scan also be accessed in the OMS.

  • Insurance

    We can arrange insurance of your shipment against any type of risk of loss or damage.

  • E-commerce

    Good to be sold via your online shop can be stored by us in our warehouse. By storing the goods on our own premises, we are able to arrange transport to the end user at any given moment. We also keep track of your stock by means of our warehouse management system.

  • Dangerous goods

    In the event that you want to wish to delegate the preparatory phase of your dangerous good, we can take care of that for you. We ensure that the right documents are drawn up, the shipment is packaged or repackaged according to the guidelines and fitted with the correct labels.

  • Packaging

    We ensure that your shipment is suitably packaged for transportation and has the right identification. We are also able to arrange packaging on location if required.

In addition to the above value-added services, we are happy to assist you to find solutions for specific requirements.

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