Your exotic car deserves nothing but the best

Move your exotic cars with care and precision. Best Global Logistics specializes in customized international logistics services for transporting your precious vehicles across borders and continents.

Project: Ship spares from Dubai to Rotterdam

Onboard ship spares lashing has emerged as a reliable and efficient alternative, providing a secure method for transporting heavy lift items while ensuring the stability of the vessel.

Ready. Set. Breakbulk.

Best Global Logistics Dubai provides tailored logistics solutions for breakbulk cargo shipping, including heavy, oversized, and bulky cargo.

Project: Dragheads from Jebel Ali to Rotterdam

We have been awarded to move two dragheads from Jebel Ali to Rotterdam. With the support of Hapag Lloyd, we have successfully moved the shipment without any delay to our valuable customer.


一家新兴的绿色技术公司选择 舶格 挪威公司进行项目合作,该公司开发出一种将塑料废弃物转化为柴油的能源回收利用技术。