Your industry

To provide you with the best logistics solutions, we need to know your industry. Therefore, we studied the daily challenges, obstacles and unique logistics process of every industry we encounter. Our expertise and comprehensive support helps to make your business thrive.

The different industries that BGL specializes in

Marine logistics

Ship spares, rig supplies and other marine projects, we make sure you receive all necessary parts and equipment on time and at the destination of your choice.


The oil and gas industry, as well as the renewable energy industry, are rapidly changing. Trust BGL to manage your projects carefully and efficiently.

Pharma and Healthcare

Pharma and healthcare products are often time-sensitive and require precise handling. Our knowledge and experience make us a valuable partner for this industry.

Emergency and Relief

Emergency situations require a customized end-to-end supply chain solution. Continuous access to supplies is of vital importance. BGL is ready to meet the demand.

Consumer and Retail

The Consumer and Retail industry is a dynamic market and demands a competitive attitude. BGL helps your company stand out and reach its growth potential.


The Aerospace industry is a very specific industry which requires innovative end-to-end solutions. BGL’s knowledge and expertise makes the difference.


The automotive industry is dynamic, innovative and accelerating at full speed. BGL makes sure you can keep up the pace by offering optimized logistics solutions.

We operate worldwide

With offices and warehouse facilities in all corners of the world, our highly skilled and dedicated operations experts work with some of the world’s leading companies.

Curious what services we can provide for your industry?