What shipping method is best for my shipment?

Shipping is an essential aspect of any business that produces goods and products. Choosing the correct modality is critical to the timely and efficient delivery of goods. There are several modalities to consider, including air, sea, road and rail freight. In this blog, we will look at the advantages of the modalities to help you decide which is best for your business.


Air freight

Air freight is known for its speed and an excellent option for shipping time-sensitive goods. It provides a convenient and streamlined shipping process, with a few days or less transit time. When a delivery needs to arrive quickly, air freight is the ideal choice.

Why choose air freight?

  • Fast and efficient transportation of goods over long distances with the capacity to send your shipment almost anywhere;
  • Highly reliable when it comes to arrival, departure and transit schedules, decreasing the risk of delays;
  • Suitable for time-sensitive or hazardous materials and oversized or heavy items;
  • Secure method of transport due to increased security checks and offers a high level of visibility (easy to track).


Sea freight

Sea freight is the best choice for cost-effectiveness. It is the perfect method of transport for large shipments or goods that are not time-sensitive. This mode of transportation can handle large volumes of goods. However, sea freight shipments will take longer to arrive, depending on the destination. Transit times can be from 4 to 12 weeks.

Why choose sea freight?

  • The most cost-effective option for shipping large quantities of goods over long distances, especially internationally;
  • Particularly suited for the transport of large amounts of bulk commodities, raw materials, and finished products;
  • Highly secure with sealed and locked containers preventing cargo from going missing;
  • A lower carbon footprint than airfreight makes sea freight a more sustainable choice.


Road freight

Road freight is a popular mode of transportation for moving goods overland, particularly for short to medium distances within a country or region. The EU transit times are roughly 1 to 2 weeks, making road freight the second quickest of the four modalities. There are many kinds and sizes of trucks, from electric to gas-fueled or small delivery vans to big semi-trailers.

Why choose road freight?

  • More cost-effective option for short distances;
  • Flexible mode of transportation that allows for easy pick-ups and deliveries at multiple locations;
  • Relatively safe and reliable, with advanced tracking and communication systems to monitor shipments.


Rail freight

Rail freight is known for its ability to transport large quantities of goods over long distances across countries and continents that are not time-sensitive. Transit times can be between 4 to 6 weeks. It provides a dependable and efficient mode of transportation for heavy and bulky items. It is cheaper than air freight and quicker than sea freight.

Why choose rail freight?

  • Cost-effective way to transport large quantities of goods overland and heavy/ bulk shipments in comparison to sea freight;
  • Efficient transportation of goods, as trains can travel long distances quickly and transport large amounts of goods at once;
  • It is the most environmentally friendly option in comparison to the four modalities.

The proper modality will depend on your specific needs and priorities. Carefully considering the type of goods being shipped, the distance, and the time frame can help you choose the best option for your circumstances.

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