Proving our commitment

Know your customers like you know your best friends. BGL takes the relationship with its customers seriously. And besides saying it, you have to show it. For example by expressing a sincere interest; by getting to know the business of your customers and their staff.


Not only the director, but also the logistics employee on the work floor. By understanding that a ship that is stationary because it has to wait for parts is actually wasting money by the hour. Some customers might have a specific preference or resistance to certain matters due to a different cultural background. But cultural differences do not have to stand in the way of good cooperation. By showing respect and working together to find a solution that the customer feels comfortable with. ‘Unburdening our clients’ is our most important product. We also show respect for the relationship by treating every customer and supplier as we would like to be treated ourselves. No matter the size; every customer is equally important.

“The relationship with our customers is like a good marriage: long-term, committed and with mutual respect for each other”

Ronald Middelburg, Director Rotterdam – BGL NL

And in case of a problem, we will not point the finger or simply turn away. We sit down and, regardless of who caused the problem, take responsibility and fix it. We are only satisfied when the problem is completely solved and our customer is satisfied.


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