Chinese New Year - Market update week 5

Trucking arrangement & factory schedules

It is now getting to a critical point for shipping where CNY break is right are the corner, getting trucking arrangement done in the first week of February become exhausting. More and more trucking companies stopped accepting new trucking jobs from this week, drivers and a great number of the workers are heading to their hometowns as from 28 December 2020, to start 2021’s Chunyun (春运). According to MOT’s prediction, the national transport network is prepared to support an amount of 1.7 billion people to travel domestically, during a period of 40days from 28 December 2020 to 8 March 2021, no trucking arrangement can be easily done at any point of the period.

While along with Chunyun period, most of the manufactories will start to close at the beginning of February, with minimum skeleton workforce only to support the shipping arrangement. As your logistics partner, we are to follow those schedules closely to coordinate for the logistics arrangement.

Sea freight

We are experiencing various port condition along the major gateway of China

Congestion (operation rate less than 50%). No new cases of Corona have occurred in Dalian in recent days, and the blockade in some areas was lifted this weekend. It is inferred that the employees at the terminal have returned to their duties to a considerable extent, expected to speed up. As some of the vessels of the Republic of Korea (ROK) have omitted Dalian port, it has become difficult to secure space between Dalian and the Republic of Korea and for third countries via the Republic of Korea, and there have been changes to alternative transportation by ferry and air transportation.

Quarantine measures such as disinfection of cargo, vaccination of workers, and 14-day intensive quarantine have been strengthened of imported containers, and there is concern about the impact on future import operations.

Partially congestion, terminal shortage of containers for 40′ & HQ.

Normal operation, no major congestion of Qingdao port, but some vessels are delaying due to port congestion of the previous arriving ports.

Congestion (operation rate less than 50%). Serious delay was not improved from last week, less than 25% vessel on schedule.

Congestion, due to port congestion of the previous arriving ports.

Congestion (operation rate less than 50%). Short of empty 40′ equipment from almost all carriers.

Shekou & Yantian
Congestion (operation rate less than 50%). Short of containers for 40HQ better than 40GP, very tight space on EU and US bound, due to the COVID-19 quarantine requirements. Feeder operators announced their services to be suspended from mid-Jan to the end of February 2021. In consideration of this situation, some carrier will temporarily suspend the acceptance of the cargo bound for the ports in South China & HK


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