Chinese New Year 2024 – Impact on logistics III

CNY blog header 2024 - 3
CNY blog header 2024 - 3

With the Chinese New Year (CNY) this weekend, we provide you with our final update of 2024 on the impact of CNY on logistics.  

Sea freight  

Shanghai Port is experiencing operational delays due to an Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) system malfunction. The port could not operate container pick-up and the empty return procedure for some time. Leading to severe delays, and the traffic in that port area was gridlocked, increasing trucking costs immediately. Shanghai Port released a formal statement on the second of February, saying they would prolong the container pick-up and empty return for another 24 hours.  

Road freight  

The yearly travel rush before CNY started and made road transport more complicated. The current weather conditions also make it more challenging. Due to the frost and snow, some of the national highways connected to central China have been heavily affected. This led to a traffic block and severe delays. The weather conditions also impacted railways and air traffic, causing delays.  

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