Rail freight

Rail freight has seen a tremendous development over the last decade. Therefore, it has become a very popular means of cargo transportation. As a benefit, it is also the most sustainable way.

Rail freight solutions

Sustainable transport from east to west

In recent years, the train routes from Europe to China and back have been extensively developed. Rail transport offers economic opportunities for your shipments to and from China but also to most central stations in Europe. This type of transport is seen as the ultimate compromise, as the transit time is shorter than that of sea freight and the costs are lower than those of air freight. Also this is by far the most sustainable way of transport making it suitable for companies who conduct their business in an environmentally responsible way.

The future is on rails

Besides being the obvious ‘green choice’, the introduction of container trains has decreased the time to load and unload cargo significantly. This, and the fact that trains are a very reliable way of transport shows that the popularity of shipping by rail is increasing fast. It is a great option for general cargo shipments like spares and consumer goods or even bulked goods. You have the option of booking a full container and just a part-load.

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Rail freight is the sustainable alternative

Here are just a few reasons why rail freight might be the most interesting way of continental transport for the future:

  • Generating around 70% of C02 emissions in comparison to road freight per equivalent journey, nearly 90% less small particulate matter (PM10) and up to fifteen times less nitrogen oxide (NOx) making this the most sustainable means of transport by far
  • Timetabled services with a high level of reliability
  • Suitable for a wide area of cargo including fluids, bulk, consumer goods and hazardous goods
  • A competitive environment ensures better service for lower costs
  • Highly responsive to changing demand and flexible on short-notice planning

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