Your goods need to be safe during transport, but also when they need to be stored, until the moment of departure. BGL offers guarded storage in one of our modern warehouses. This is also a great solution for any supplier who needs to store and ship goods from time to time.

Safe warehouse solutions

Taking care, as if they were our own

Often, customers contact us when they have a need for storage. In the short term, when their cargo is waiting to be transported, or in the long term, for stock that needs to be stored safely but also available for shipment at a moment’s notice. As a logistics partner, we offer our customers a high-quality storage service. We pick up your goods from all over the world and store them safely in one of our warehouses at a location of your choice. Each storage facility has excellent security.

Worry-free stock and inventory management

Our warehouse management system allows us to keep track of your inventory. We can also help with all packaging requirements. Through our close cooperation with various carriers, we can ship your packaging at any time. This service takes away all your worries about inventory management, order processing, and distribution.

Our offer to you

A global sense of safety

Warehouse services tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

  • Five large BGL warehouses in various countries;
  • More than a hundred additional storage facilities through 3PL-partners;
  • All risks covered through stock insurance;
  • 24/7 online insight into your stocks and updates on inventory.

What we do

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Ready. Set. Breakbulk.

Best Global Logistics Dubai provides tailored logistics solutions for breakbulk cargo shipping,...

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