Your exotic car deserves nothing but the best

Move your exotic cars with care and precision. Best Global Logistics specializes in customized international logistics services for transporting your precious vehicles across borders and continents.

Project: Ship spares from Dubai to Rotterdam

Onboard ship spares lashing has emerged as a reliable and efficient alternative, providing a secure method for transporting heavy lift items while ensuring the stability of the vessel.

Ready. Set. Breakbulk.

Best Global Logistics Dubai provides tailored logistics solutions for breakbulk cargo shipping, including heavy, oversized, and bulky cargo.

Project: Hydro power

When Best Global Logistics Norway was awarded one of multiple hydro power projects in recent years, there were many interesting challenges to overcome.

Project: Recycled foam glass

Innovative solutions were necessary when 3500m3 of very porous foam glass materials was going to be shipped from mountain locations in Norway to a airport runway construction project on the little island of Mayotte in East Africa.

Project: Plant construction

BGL Norway was selected by a new emerging green technology company that has found a way to efficiently make plastic waste into diesel, basically reversing the process.

Proving our commitment

Know your customers like you know your best friends. BGL takes the relationship with its customers seriously. And besides saying it, you have to show it.